our selection of extreme hot sauce
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extreme hot sauce

Please Be Careful ! The ultra hot sauces we present you here are ONLY for the most experienced chilli-heads. As they could intent on your health if misused, we suggest that under-18-year-olds ignore this section. It's a hellishly hot world we invite you to discover and only well-trained palates will be able to appreciate the unforgettable flavours each of these sauces imparts. Start with the Ultra Death Blair's sauce and be ready to live hell on earth and then take a shortcut to Africa and taste their extremely hot but fragrant chillies in the Fatali Fire. Anf if you want to push the experience further ahead, feel free to try Dave's Insanity, Mad Dog's 357, and many more... Whichever you choose, we remind you again that these sauces must be used with extreme caution. Do not exceed two drops a meal !

Carolina Reaper Puree Hellicious

Is a Hot ones

10 sauces Hot Ones

Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce

moruga trinidad scorpion hot sauce

Is a Hot ones

Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce

Cajohn's Hydra Sauce

Juela Gran Put sauce Lengua de...

Frank's Original Xtra Hot Sauce Frank's Original Xtra Hot Sauce

Frank's Original Xtra Hot Sauce

16 millions Black Mamba

Fat Cat Carolina Reaper

Dave's ultimate insanity hot sauce

Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion...

wanza's wicked temptation hot sauce

Fervor Reaper Chile Sauce

the Rapture Torchbearer

Is a Hot ones

Bhutila Fire sauce Lengua de Fuego

Sauce Alice Cooper poison Reaper

Black mamba 6 - ltd edition hot...

Torchbearer Reaper Evil Torchbearer Reaper Evil

Torchbearer Reaper Evil

Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce