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Hot sauces

  • Hot sauces

    Here is a selection of hundreds of hot sauces from all around the world. Either from the USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica, to name but a few, each of them has been carefully listed according to its heat level and its flavour. Either lemony, smoky, garlic-flavoured or simply hot, our sauces have the power to seduce both chilli novices and hot-heads alike!

  • Sauce piquante Sauce hellacious high river Sauces
  • Sauce piquante High rivers sauces rogue

    High rivers sauces rogue

    12,00 €
    Hot sauce
  • Sauce piquante Sauce tears of sun high rivers sauce

    Sauce tears of sun high rivers...

    10,00 €
    Mild hot sauce
  • Sauce piquante Sauce grapes of wrath
  • All hot sauces are not for you. Find out which one is made for you.

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  • Sauce piquante sauce foo foo mama choo

    sauce foo foo mama choo

    12,00 €
    Extreme hot sauce /