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Chili pepper & condiments

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  • Chili pepper & condiments

    Since our mission is to make you - and your taste buds -discover always new delights, we have widely spread our selection of hot products. And here today, you will be able to find the hottest snacks and salsas in the world, ferociously fiery mustard sauces and even pepper seeds and their seedtray. Have a look !

  • Sauce piquante ÉPICES À STEAK
  • Sauce piquante

    piment Ancho entier

    6,50 €
    Sweet hot sauce
  • Sauce piquante piment ancho en poudre

    piment ancho en poudre

    4,00 €
    Sweet hot sauce
  • Sauce piquante graines de grand piment ancho
  • All hot sauces are not for you. Find out which one is made for you.

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