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Asian sauces

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  • Asian sauces

    Our passion is to make you discover the world through all kinds of cuisines. Think about Asia and all their specialities. No Asian dish would be as it famous as it is without its specific sauce. The Asian sauces we offer you here have been tasted and thoroughly chosen to give you the opportunity to eat an original Asian dish as if you were actually there. No sauce has been transformed and "europeanized". All of them are absolutely original. Thus enjoy a Tandoori chicken as in Delhi, a curry Thai as in Bangkok or even a Satay as in Bali .

  • Sauce piquante Sauce Gochujang

    Gochujang Sauce

    A sweet and spicy sauce.

    10,50 €
    Mild hot sauce
  • Sauce piquante Sauce épicée We Rub you /