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Cajohn's krakatoa hot sauce

Cajohn's named this sauce in tribute to the Indonesian volcano and its legendary violent eruptions. The ferocious heat and distinct flavours provided by  this Red Savina Habanero pepper sauce reminds easily of an explosion. And yet, what we particularly enjoy in this hot sauce, is Cajohn's skilful ability to deliver great flavours behind a welljudged amount of heat. You can use it on a daily basis with anything you want. 

Hot sauce Hot :

Scoville Heat Units 120 000 on the scoville scale

9,00 €

in stock,
  • Match with : Veal, Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Fish, Pizza

  • Taste Krakatoa's volcanic eruption.

  • Red Savina Habanero Chiles and Vinegar.

  • Brand Cajohn'sMore sauces Cajohn's

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