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Cajohn's select chipotle puree

The Chipotle is a smoked-dried Jalapeno which takes this irresistible smoky flavour while drying. Cajohn's Chipotle Puree provides the ideal combination of any meat dishes, a mild heat and an unmatched smokey flavour. Made with 90 per cent of Chipotle -the remaining 10 being given to vinegar as a preserver- , this puree offers you all there is to enjoy in    the Chipotle chilli pepper. Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.

Hot sauce Mild :

Scoville Heat Units 4 000 on the scoville scale

10,10 €

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  • Match with : Beef, Veal, Pork, Pizza

  • Highly recommended for all barbecue fans and meat lovers.

  • Chipotle Chiles, Distilled Vinegar, Citric Acid, and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), to preserve color.

  • Brand Cajohn'sMore sauces Cajohn's

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