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First hot sauce distributor in France- 1 000 references
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Brand : Ass Kickin
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Assortiment 3 Popcorn Ass Kickin'

For any popcorn or chili lover who is struggling to choose, this is the best way to enjoy your movies !

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About Assortiment 3 Popcorn Ass Kickin'

This pretty bag contains a real treasure! an assortment of 3 different Ass Kikin' popcorns to accompany your movies @ series evenings or simply spice up your eveneings, inside this bag you will find:

A packet of Ass Kickin' Habanero popcorn

A packet of Ass Kickin' Kettle corn that is slightly sweet and salty

A packet of Ass Kickin' BBQ flavored popcorn to share the great barbecue taste with whoever you want, even in bad weather !

Then all you have to do is to put the popcorn bags in the microwave for 2 min to enjoy them immeiately, so what are you wainting for?

100 gr
100 gr
5 000
5 000
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