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Brand : Blair's
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Blair's salsa de la muerte

Blair's Salsa de la Muerte is the Mexican version of the Original Death. Mild on the heatscale, this high quality sauce can be tried on anything.
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About Blair's salsa de la muerte

In the world of chilli peppers, Mexico and their outstanding hot sauces are never far afield in conversations. This is how Blair Lazar came up with the idea of uniting Mexico and America in a mildly-hot sauce which combines the same ingredients as the Original Death but with more Chipotle taste and a higher concentration of Habaneros. The Salsa de la Muerte allows you to take a short-cut to authentic tasting Mexican food: tacos,empanadas, chilli con carne, fajitas.... A must have in all kitchens !
Ingrédients :

Habaneros Rojos y Anarajados, Vinagre, Pinienta De Cayena Fresca, Ajo Triturado, Chipotle, Jugo De Lima, Cilantro, Hierbas y especias frescas.

This sauce is meant for those who appreciate flavour and taste as much as heat.

150 ml
150 ml
25 000
25 000
Costa Rica
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