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First hot sauce distributor in France
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Sweet hot sauces

Sweet and smooth are here the main leading words of this selection of hot sauces. Chilli pepper, however, remains the basic ingredient but the addition of sugar in their recipes confers these sauces a heavenly smooth, mild and spicy flavour. Absolutely divine! You may taste them as dip sauces with fried food, spring rolls and seafood like shrimps or even scallops. Great too for basting chicken. The sauce will caramelize and turn your meat into a delicious, crispy dish.


Pickapeppa gingery mango hot sauce

Purée piment jalapeno Hellicious


Pickapeppa original hot sauce

Tabasco sweet and spicy


Lemon & herb peri peri sauce...


Dave's ginger peach hot sauce

Sauce sweet habanero Marie Sharp's

sauce jalapeno ananas...