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Terms and conditions of use


These "general terms and conditions of sale" apply to the legal operations concerning the products sold to his clients via www.sauce-piquante.fr within his website under the address www.sauce-piquante.fr.


Definitions :

The words or expressions which appear below have the following meanings:


Webstore: the website www.sauce-piquante.fr on which all available presented products are sold to clients. 


Ordering: the sales contract concluded between www.sauce-piquante.fr and the client of the webstore www.sauce-     piquante.fr.


Products: describes all the goods sold by www.sauce-piquante.fr in his webstore.


Transaction: describes all the operations, secured processes, authorizations and agreements inherent to the bank card payment of the ordered products.


Article 1 - Purpose :

These terms and conditions of sale aim to define the terms and conditions of sales which SAUCE PIQUANTE FRANCE offers and sells their products to their individual customers (apart from business customers).


Article 2 - Acceptance of the conditions :

The customer acknowledges having read these general terms and conditions of sales before ordering.

At the checkout stage (you will be given instructions to select your type of payment on the page www.sp.fr/commande.php), the customer accepts the general terms of sales.

Article 3 - Ordering :

The automatic recording systems work as a proof of the nature, the content and the date of the order.

SAUCE PIQUANTE FRANCE will confirm to the client the agreement of his order through a confirmation message sent to the client's email address.

www.sauce-piquante.fr reserves the right to reject or cancel a client's order, especially in case of insolvency of this client or in suspicion of payment default for the concerned order, or for a previous delivery or for a previous issue in relation with the payment of a previous order.

The client agrees to acknowledge everything mentioned by himself during the entries of the information concerning his order. www.sauce-piquante.fr cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by the client as he filled in the forms (about the delivery and payment addresses especially). Nor can it be held responsible for any delivery delay or impossiblity to ship the ordered products if such mistakes occured.

Article 4 - Delivery 

After confirmation of order and reception of the client's payment, www.sauce-piquante.fr ensures to ship, under its responsability, the ordered products to the client's delivery address in 2 or 5 working days.

All the products ordered on www.sauce-piquante.fr are intended for personal use of the clients or recipient whose name is mentioned on the delivery address.

The clients or recipients of these products give their consent not to resell them, partially or totally.

The delivery is made with colissimo or exceptionnally at www.sauce-piquante.fr, Rue des Fleurs, 67600 Muttersholtz.

Delivery costs for France are :

    Number of sauces                                  Price

     a fixed tariff                                            7,50€ with colissimo in 48h

Delivery costs for Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg are :

   Number of sauces                                   Price

    1 to 6 sauces                                          12,00€ with colissimo

    7 and more                                             15,00€ with colissimo in 48h


Delays, if any, attributed to the post office, the carrier, or to www.sauce-piquante.fr do not give any right to the client to claim damages.

The ordered products are shipped at the recipient's own risks. At delivery of the goods, the client or the recipient will check if the goods were well supplied.

In case of one or more missing or damaged products (what we eagerly try to avoid), the client or recipient must provide a reserve at the Post Office at the time of delivery. The goods will be reshipped within the limit of available product stock.

Fortuitous events or force majeure, such as war, riots, fire, strikes or accidents, which make it impossible to fulfill contract obligations, relieve www.sauce-piquante.fr of any responsibility.

Article 5 - Retractation


The client of www.sauce-piquante.fr has a time of 7 days retractation from the delivery of the goods sent by www.sauce-piquante.fr. During this period of time, the client will be able to return his order for exchange or refund. In case of return, the client will have to return his order in its entirety, undamaged and absolutely unopened, at the following address: 2, rue des Fleurs, 67600 Muttersholtz.

Article 6 - Prices


All the prices shown on the site are in euros and include taxes. Shipping costs are calculated on the entire order.

Article 7 - Payment

The total price of the order shows on the mail of confirmation following the order. The client has 3 means of payment. The payment by credit card on the secure site of the bank, the payment by cheque and the payment via Paypal.The order will only be shipped after reception of the payment and its validation by the bank.

www.sauce-piquante.fr never asks their client to provide their bank information on the phone, via fax or mail. www.sauce-piquante.fr never takes possession of their bank infos, as the bank only gives the final result (validation of payment).

Article 8 - Applicable law

These general terms and conditions are subject to French law.

Article 9 - Responsibilities

SAUCE PIQUANTE FRANCE under www.sauce-piquante.fr cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or personal injury following a misuse of the products. This is also true in case of modification of products by their manufacturer.

www.sauce-piquante.fr's responsibility will be, in any case, limited to the cost of the order and could not be held liable for mere mistakes or omissions which have remained despite all the care taken in the presentation of the products. In case of difficulties in applying to this contract, the client and www.sauce-piquante.fr retain the option of finding a friendly solution before any legal action.

Failing that, for the clients, Colmar Commercial Court remains the best wherever the delivery and whichever the accepted mean of payment.

Article 10 - Garantees

In any cases, www.sauce-piquante.fr will not be held responsible for the non-compliance with regulatory requirements and laws in force within the country where the order is shipped. the responsibility of www.sauce-piquante.fr is systematically limited to the value of the blamed-product, at the date of sale, with no possibility for filing claims against the brand name or product manufacturer.

In any assumption, the client shall benefit from the legal guarantee of eviction and hidden defects provided for in articles 1625 and following the French civil code.

The client shall contact the customer service by dialling 0388923086 or at the following email address : [email protected].

Article 11- Legal Notice

Supplying personally identifiable information is required when distance selling, as such information is necessary for processing and delivering orders, as well as preparing invoices and guarantee contracts. In case of a lack of information, the order will not be effective.

In compliance with the Law "Informatique et Liberté", No 78-17 of 6 January 1978, clients have the right to access, modify and correct or delete any personal information that www.sauce-piquante.fr may have collected.

Besides, www.sauce-piquante.fr promises not to communicate, freely or not, their client'spersonal information to a third party.

Article 12 - Use of the products

SAUCE PIQUANTE FRANCE cannot be held responsible for any misuse of their products. Each client commits oneself not to use the sauces in the presence of minors and to store the sauces away from children where they will be out of reach. It is also highly recommended to consume extreme sauces cautiously and very sparingly. In any cases, SAUCE PIQUANTE FRANCE will not be held responsible.