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First hot sauce distributor in France- 1 000 references
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Brand : Marie Sharp's
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Marie Sharp's hot habanero sauce

In gastronomy, classics have kept generation of people happy. This Marie Sharp's classic is no exception. Habanero pepper and carrots team up to provide a unique blend of pleasant heat and sweet flavours. 

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About Marie Sharp's hot habanero sauce

Marie Sharp's Melinda farm is located in Belize, a small country in central America, known for its extreme biodiversity and distinctive ecosystems. Living in the middle of such abundance, Marie Sharp's made the most of it in growing Habanero peppers and various vegetables which she eventually used to create her high-quality hot sauces. Word has spread and her hot Habanero sauce has now become an everyday staple in numerous countries. 

150 ml
150 ml
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Giuseppe on 2020-09-04 15:17:15

Hi, I would like to know how much you can keep it once it is open. Also, shall I keep it on the fridge? Thanks Giuseppe


Hello, You can keep it for months in teh fridge without any problem.

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