Lynchburg Tennesse whiskey bbq sauce
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Brand : Lynchburg
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Lynchburg Tennesse whiskey bbq sauce

Do not pass up this so-tasty opportunity to try Lynchburg's Tennessee Whiskey sauce on your meat. You will not regret it!

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About Lynchburg Tennesse whiskey bbq sauce

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey sauce is not a mere barbecue sauce. Much sweeter, with a syrupy texture, it is a genuine basting sauce. The purposeful addition of sugar is meant to get caramelized by the flames of your cooking fire, thus conveying an irresistible sweet flavour to all your meat. And the icing on the cake is still to come with the extra-taste of Jack Daniel's whisky. This is love at first sniff!

Ingrédients :

Tomato Concentrate made from Red Ripe Tomatoes, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Salt, Spices, Onions, Garlic, Green Peppers, Worcestershire, Lemon Juice, Natural Hickory Smoke and other flavors, Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey, and Sodium Benzoate.

For authentic american spare ribs.

425 ml
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Patrick on 2019-11-09 14:08:42

Bonjour J'habite loin de chez mon pere et pour noel je voulais lui offrir des produits de chez vous Est il possible de composer un coffret ? Cordialement Patrick BAUD



Oui nous pouvons vous réaliser un coffret.

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