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Brand : Sauce Piquante
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Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

Scarcely hot and delicious, the Jalapeno pepper is an ideal accompaniment to barbecues, salads, and sandwiches, and is very easy to grow.

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About Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

The Jalapeno is a mild chilli pepper which has 6 000 to 8 000 SHU. You will be able to use your harvest to elaborate your own hot sauces and recipes. It is a medium-sized pepper of a few centimetres long and is usually harvested when green or red. Frequently, the green Jalapeno is dried to become a Chipotle chilli pepper, known for its distinctive smoky flavour.

Ingrédients :

jalapeno seeds

A chilli pepper for all your barbecues and pizzas…

10 graines
10 graines
8 000
8 000
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Baard on 2020-08-29 10:12:34

Bonjour Je suis trés interessé d'essayer cultiver des piments chez moi. Toutes les grains (reaper, habanero et jalapeno) sont mieux de planter en janvier-mars? Merci et bon week-end!



En effet la meilleure période de germination s'étend de Janvier à Mars pour les piments.

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