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First hot sauce distributor in France- 1 000 references
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Brand : Cajohn's
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vicious viper hot sauce

A sauce based on pepper extract which reaches a 2 million SHU. No need to tell you to use it with extreme caution.

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About vicious viper hot sauce

Vicious Viper is a Habanero-based sauce with exotic fruits and capsaicin extract. The well-judged amount of each ingredient makes it quite enjoyable to those who are experienced enough to handle extreme hot sauces. However, watch out, its 250,000 SHU have to be consumed with extreme caution. Definitely not suitable for children.

150 ml
150 ml
pepper extract
pepper extract
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Julien on 2024-06-23 13:08:57

bonjour pour la Viper vous indiquez 2 millions sur l’échelle de Scoville mais dans la description il est marqué 250000. Quel est ke bon chiffre ? cordialement


Bonjour, elle est estimée à 250 000 Scoville car elle ne contient que quelques gouttes à 2 millions Scoville, qui ont été rajoutées dans le reste de la recette.

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