pickapeppa hot mango - taste of Jamaica
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Brand : Pickapeppa
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Pickapeppa hot mango sauce

Slightly hotter than the other sauces of the brand, this Pickapeppa sauce remains a key-ingredient in Jamaican culture and is a good substitute for any hot sauce. A real Hit for everyone to enjoy !  

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About Pickapeppa hot mango sauce

Created and prepared in Jamaica, Pickappepa sauces have become a main ingredient in Jamaican cuisine for close to a century. Aged in oak barrels, this sauce is blended with chilli peppers and mango for a sweet and spicy flavour which is deliciously fragrant and hot without being overpowering. Absolutely suitable for children. Refrigerate after opening.

Ingrédients :

Mango, sugar, vinegar, raisins, pepper, onions, spices, and salt.

This sauce will be appreciated by all.

150 ml
Scotch bonnet
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