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First hot sauce distributor in France- 1 000 references
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Mild chilli sauces

You like it hot but not overpowering and you are on the look out for some new flavours and tastes ? Then look no further. Mild chilli sauces are for you. Here is a selection of delectable mild chilli sauces which combine flavour with heat marvellously. From the rich and smoky flavour of the Chipotle to the frehness of the Jalapeno these versatile and tasty sauces will soon liven up any of your meals. Ideal for chilli novices . Nonetheless, if too much heat scares you, relax and simply click on the sauce you wish and check its heat level on the simplified Scoville scale shown underneath .

Purée Aji Amarillo Hellicious

copy of Sauce Louisiana Gold red


Key West Kery Lime sauce


Sauce Heartbreaking Dawn's...

pickapeppa spicy mango