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First hot sauce distributor in France- 1 000 references
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Brand : Pickapeppa
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pickapeppa spicy mango

More spices and heat for more tastes and flavours. This is Jamaicans'  favourite hot sauce.

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About pickapeppa spicy mango

Pickapeppa's enviable reputation is no more to be done. Their genius for crafting outstanding sauces, their care in associating the finest ingredients and their attention to detail have widely spread over the earth. Similarly to Tabasco, Pickapeppa allows the flavours of their pureed peppers to developp during a whole year in oak barrels, providing their sauces a unique added flavour. In the Spicy Mango sauce, mangoes' sweetness, which is still perceivable is largely overtaken by the expected fiery heat provided by the addition of spices and pepper. Like us, you will soon seize any opportunity to enjoy this sauce.

Ingrédients :

Mango, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Raisins, Pepper, Onions, Spices, Sea Salt, Ginger, Turmeric. Contient des ogm.

Taste and feel the Caribbean sun.

148 ml
148 ml
Scotch bonnet
Scotch bonnet
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